Our Story

With six young kids, we've seen kids try to eat just about every gross thing known to man. We've made peace with most of it - food off the floor, sand at the beach, hair balls, some grosser stuff we don’t like to relive. But we at least try to make sure that the stuff we put on our kids’ hands is safe.

Since we weren't able to find a food based nail polish anywhere on the market, we decided to make one the way we would want it to be made, with a full list of ingredients and nothing in it that doesn't belong in our kids’ bellies, because that’s where it could very well end up.

As it turns out, it’s not so easy to make a polish this way. We’re not food scientists, but we have some good friends who are, and they've helped us craft great polishes from 100% edible ingredients.

We cordially invite you at any time to email us so we can talk, parent to parent, about your thoughts on the polishes we’re cooking up.